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Twitch introduces simulcasting to streamers, Expanding reach to other platforms


Twitch has announced that streamers can now simulcast their live broadcasts on other platforms, such as YouTube and Kick, in addition to Twitch. This will allow streamers to reach more viewers across different services, while Twitch develops more features to help them grow their communities on the platform.

Exclusivity agreement streamers can reapply for Partner Programme(AFP)
Exclusivity agreement streamers can reapply for Partner Programme(AFP)

However, this option is not available for streamers who have an exclusivity agreement with Twitch. But Twitch clarified that ‘Partnered streamers’ who choose to stream on other platforms can reapply for the Partner Programme if they return.

“We truly believe that Twitch is the best service to be a live, interactive creator, and we want to give streamers more freedom in just how they want to build their communities,” Twitch VP of community product Jeremy Forrester quoted to Polygon.

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He also said that the decision was “community driven”.

This announcement came to light during the kickoff event of TwitchCon Las Vegas over the weekend, building on the momentum from the Paris convention held in July.

Twitch also announced other updates, such as:

1. A name change for Guest Star, a feature that lets streamers invite others on screen. It is now called Stream Together, and it has a focus on streamer-to-streamer collaboration. Stream Together will display the collective viewership of collaborating streamers, introducing features like a favorites list, a do-not-disturb option, and the capability to consolidate chats into a single feed.

2. A new Stories feature, which launched last week, that allows streamers to post social media-style stories in the Twitch app.

3. Improvements to Featured Clips, which make it easier to highlight memorable moments. The Clip Editor will also have a vertical clip option.

4. An update to the Off-Service Policy, which includes actions like swatting and doxxing, which are strictly prohibited on the platform.

The Amazon-owned platform continues to improve its service to provide a better streaming experience for both streamers and viewers. With simulcasting, streamers can grow their audience on multiple platforms, while Twitch offers more tools to support their growth.


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